Calibration is not just the issuance of tabs and labels but also checking and fixing errors in the device. The purpose of calibration is to identify and correct device errors and to align its measurements accurately with the manufacturer’s standard. During periodic settings and calibration, all defects and errors of the device are checked according to the manufacturer’s instructions with the relevant software and equipment, and the error is removed.

As a result, periodic calibration and service of the equipment will increase the life of the device and ensure its correct and accurate operation.

With many years of experience and as the representative of the Precision Test Company, Banianpey, while benefiting from its experienced and specialized personnel, is ready to provide services in the field of calibration, inspection, consulting, training, repair, and sale of equipment.

We are proud to offer the best quality customer service for its customers, with accurate and correct testing and calibration of customer equipment, a fast return of equipment, a reasonable price, and the delivery of tools with the utmost accuracy and without any damage.