One of the main destructive elements to structures, buildings, and facilities is water, which endangers them in several ways, including floods, runoff due to rain, and wetlands created by rain and other hazards.

Hydrological studies based on data and information from reference devices predict these hazards and determine their limits and dimensions for many years for accountants and designers of structures and buildings and facilities to perform calculations and design using these parameters and In the best way to protect such buildings from future dangers.

The science of hydrology uses statistics and information that are prepared by reference devices and institutions and are officially available for use in engineering affairs. In this way, the main parameters and factors and computational bases for other engineering disciplines can be achieved.

Hydrological studies services by Banianpey Company include the following services:

  • Meteorological and climate studies
  • Hydrological and flood studies
  • Groundwater studies
  • Studies of water resources